michal moravčík








if you don’t need it / the red line, 2013, video, 17:02min

The project by Jana Kapelová and Michal Moravčík (Public Pedestal) s focused on the authenticity of the old part of the city of Chisinau. Through it the artists speculatively communicate about its possible future – planned extension of the Cantemir Boulevard. The two-channel projection is presenting the ongoing documentation process of their activities in this urban area.
Exchanging new standardized chairs on old ones (If You Don’t Need It), performed by the artists with local inhabitants, was related to some extent to the homogenization of the households and of the working area. The collected by the artists old and out of use furniture was redesigned and placed in the public space for being used again. It created new opportunities for redefining the relationship to the territory of the old town and "to appropriate" its authenticity once again. Kapelová and Moravčík installed the rearranged chairs with street names written on them in three places where people usually wait for the minibuses (marshrutkas). Integral part of these three installations was also the The Red Line action, which consisted in a drawing with red marker applied by the artists in a subtle way on the furniture, protecting the traced endangered parts of the city.